Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Is it already Monday again!? Well, that means it is time for "Not me Monday"

I most certainly did not bust a gut laughing at my niece’s third birthday when she loudly and proudly proclaimed “my daddy peed in the shower last night and it was so funny.” Nope that wasn’t me laughing hysterically at my beloved brother’s expense. That would just be wrong.

There is no way that I went to Target this week and bought $8.79 worth of groceries and then proceed to pay for those groceries in change. Nope, that wasn’t me holding up the line, counting out my nickels, dimes and quarters. I am certainly not that cheap.

Oh, and that was definitely not me speeding home because I thought I forgot my wedding ring. Of course that wasn’t me running stop signs and red lights in order to not make myself late for work because I had forgotten to put my ring on that morning. Nope, that wasn’t me who made it home in record time only to remember that I had just dropped my ring off with the jeweler to be resized. Would I do such a thing? Absolutely not.

Don’t let anyone tell you it was me who was in an elevator delivering some packages for work, when an elderly man got on with me. His precious, dear soul did not let out a very loud toot and then calmly look over at me and say "excuse me dear, I just broke wind." I did not politely smile and then quickly exit the elevator while holding my breath. Nope, that wasn't me who got off the elevator and gasped for fresh air!

Wasn't that fun and refreshing. I feel so much better! Head on over to MckMama's for more Not Me fun!


  1. Oh! How could you NOT get a chuckle out of that dear old man? I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face just at the fact that he so politely told you...

    Great Not Me's

  2. The elevator story is hilarious!!!
    Great use of spare change! You have to use it sometime!

  3. LOL...i have NOT done the same thing with my wedding band.

  4. how did you not laugh in the elevator, i am laughing to myself in the middle of the night at work just reading. self control (check)i am sure i have done similar stuff with my wedding rings too! :)

  5. the elevator story cracked me up! :) so funny!

  6. The elevator story had me laughing!