Friday, June 19, 2009

I really tried...

I have to say that I have an undeniable love for beagles. Mostly just my own beagles.

In my early years growing up we didn’t have a dog or a family pet. Both my dad and I had horrible allergies, so that prevented us from embarking on pet ownership. However, in 4th grade, I remember sitting in music class and hearing my name called over the intercom. Someone was there to check me out of school. My parents were never ones to just take me out of school or allow me to miss school for no reason, so I was surprised and a little confused. I went out to the lobby and saw my dad waiting for me. I immediately asked if something was wrong. He assured me that all was fine, and continued to give me some excuse about needing to go into work early or something. Even though I was still confused, I was out of school, so I didn’t ask too many questions.

Opening the door to his truck, I see this tiny, brown eyed beagle, with ears down to the floor. Can you say love at first sight. Jesse, was the name given to that tiny beagle and from that first day in the truck to her last breath, she was the joy of my life. She lived 14 years, so she went through my middle school, high school and even college years with me. Three years ago, on the day after Thanksgiving, we had to put Jesse to sleep. My mom and I were there with her, crying and reassuring her. What love we had for that little beagle. Jesse taught us what unconditional love was. She really opened our hearts and showed us what loyalty and companionship was all about. I was convinced that I would never love another dog again…

Enter Lillie Belle. My dad saw the heartache and pain we were in over Jesse, and he knew that we weren’t going to replace Jesse, but he also knew how much joy we got out of Jesse and he wanted us to feel that way again. I was very adamant about not wanting another dog. I told him, he could get my mom one, but I wanted nothing to do with a new dog. I would NOT fall head over heels for a puppy. I refused to love another pup.

Enter Lillie Belle. Oh my. How do you even begin to describe a beagle with more personality and spunk than you can shake a stick at? I tried…I really tried not to like her. I tried to ignore the snuggling beagle that would insist on being as close to you as possible. I tried to ignore the way she would follow you from room to room and just wait until you decided to move again. I tried to ignore the endless yelping and whimpering that she so dramatically displayed anytime you arrived home. I tried to ignore the fact that she would jump in your car and not budge anytime you wanted to leave…hoping that maybe you would take her with you for a car ride. The Lord knows I really tried to not fall head over heels in love with her, but I’ll admit, I failed miserably. Lillie Belle is the much needed spunk and laughter that our family needed. We have laughed more about the silly, cute things she does and sometimes we have to remind ourselves that there are other things to talk about besides her.

God knew what He was doing when he made dogs. He knew we needed to see unconditional, unending, uninhibited love.

I really tried not to love her...but I failed...miserably.

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