Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blissfully Ignorant

the ring.
a solid piece of art.
simple yet stunning.
a symbol of unending love.
a message to the world.
declaration of affection.
solid and strong.
the beginning of a lifetime together.
memories and future dreams combined.

How I have grown to love this ring. It captures all my feelings in one small piece of art.

Did I mention that I wore my engagement ring on the wrong hand for the first whole night after Soon to be Hubby proposed? Yeah, that was me, showing off my new bling to the world on the wrong hand. I am blissfully ignorant to all things etiquette!


  1. who finally told you it was on the wrong hand?

  2. Finally my future sister in law told me! I felt a little on the stupid side!

  3. The hand it's on is the LAST thing to worry about with an engagement ring! Haha! Too cute!