Friday, July 24, 2015

Tan Lines and Good Times

Christian and I decided our family needed some beach time, so for the very first time we booked a beach trip with just the 4 of us. Usually when we go on vacation, it is with one of our extended families, which is always fun, but we decided we needed some time alone with just our kids. Our goal lately has been to really focus on strengthening our core family's time together and really focusing on our kids. We booked a one bedroom condo and planned on a quick 3 day trip. We decided not to tell Aubrey until the morning we were leaving and I absolutely loved her enthusiasm and excitement. There is nothing better than seeing pure joy on your children's faces.
I packed treat baskets full of dollar store treasures which was an added bonus to the kids. We loaded up Monday morning and headed out.

The kids did great on the trip and we had a pretty uneventful drive. Movies and tons of snacks are the key to keeping them happy. When we arrived, we checked in and hit the pool. Aubrey is becoming an amazing little swimmer and has totally ditched her puddle jumper. She has no fear and can swim unassisted for pretty long distances. I'm so proud of her and how hard she works at anything she puts her mind too...she's amazing. Weston also has no fear and is completely oblivious to the fact that if he steps off the edge of the pool...he will sink. He makes me a nervous wreck the entire time. We spent a little time at the beach but neither myself or my kids are much for the sand. We usually just go down to the beach for a morning and then spend the remainder of the day at the pool.
I simply adore this picture of my sweet girl!
We took the kids to The Wharf and rode the Ferris Wheel. It was so neat to watch Aubrey's face, she was amazed. We enjoyed walking down to the pier and just strolling through the stores. And of course we had to get ice cream too!
This trip was by far one of my favorite vacations yet. It was short and sweet and extra special because it was just us making memories with our little family.
 What a blessing this beach trip was for all of us!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had such a wonderful, jam packed 4th of July weekend. Life with these two crazies is never dull. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we crack up laughing at what these two goofballs say or do. 

We took the kiddos to the mall to ride the carousal on Thursday and they had a blast. Aubrey loved riding horse and was such a good big sister to Weston. Weston Hayes was not to sure about the ride but he managed to make it around a few times.
On Saturday evening we went to a friends house for bbq and swimming. C had to work during the day so we met up with him that evening. Our friends live by the levee so we had the chance to go watch the fireworks. We've never done that before and I was a little nervous that the kids would be scared, but they absolutely loved it! Both of them talked about the fireworks or "boom booms" as Weston calls it for days. It was only a 20 minute show, but my kids ate it up! I loved it too...nothing like creating traditions with my loves. I hope to do that again and make it a yearly tradition.



Eating rice crispy treats on the levee while watching fireworks...doesn't get much more American than that.
On Monday, we took the kids to a waterpark and soaked up some rays. My kids are total water babies and would spend their entire days in the pool if I let them. Aubrey will jump off the side of the pool into someone's arms for hours. Weston prefers to just walk around and step on cracks and drains. HAHA!

And on a sad note, my precious grandpa went to be with the Lord this week.  He was 96 years young and lived each day to its fullest. He was a wonderful family man and loved his own with all of his heart. I'm so blessed that my grandpa got to meet both of my children, what an honor that He was able to spend time with them and get to know them and vise versa.  I have such wonderful memories of him and I will cherish the time spent with him forever. We will miss him dearly, but know that he is in a much better place. He is with my granny and I have a feeling they are dancing and playing cards up in heaven, and probably enjoying some ice cream!

Happy 4th! May our country remember that it was built upon God's laws and we will only thrive if we honor Him first. Praying for our nation and believing that the our nation will look to our Savior as our only hope.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Overload

Summer is in full swing over here and things have been busy... but fun. I've been terrible at blogging because the days seem to just fly by and I don't have a moment of spare time. I honestly cannot even believe we are almost in July and it makes me sick to think this year is almost half way over.
This is just a hodgepodge post of random summer fun...enjoy!
 We were spontaneous and took a trip without Christian to the camp in Woodville. It was a first for me to travel by myself with the kiddos, but it was a blast. Weston has never been one to fall asleep anywhere but in his crib. This was such a tender moment for me because he NEVER falls asleep in my arms...much less while traveling on a mule! It was loud, hot and we were surrounded by animals but my baby got a good nap!
Bre took swimming lessons with her cousin/bestie and she did amazing! She cracked me up because she would tell her teacher "I love you Ms. Taylor" the entire lesson!! I had to stop telling her the night before about swim lessons, because she was so excited, she would be up at 5:30 that morning!
Speaking of besties...these two are best buds. Doing a little blueberry picking!
 I just adore this picture of my two on Sunday morning before church. I totally wish I could freeze time and let them stay this cute forever!
 We were so excited to have our cousins from Texas come for a "staycation". We had a blast doing game nights, crawfish boils, day trips and just chatting under the patio. We absolutely loved having them here! I'm praying they move home soon!!
A little trip to the aquarium!
We do lots of snuggle and movie times during the day to rest. These two are go-go-go most of the time, so it is nice to stop and just snuggle on the couch.
Aubrey is SOOO opinionated about her clothes lately. She insist on wearing a dress everyday and will only wear one bathing suit most of the time. I love her passion for fashion, but she wears me out with her opinions! This is her favorite "tutu" swimsuit and she is determined to wear it even when we are not swimming!
This is my favorite picture of my boys. Doesn't get any sweeter than these two!!
I can't wait to post about Aubrey's 1st dance recital! Stay tuned!