Sunday, October 12, 2014

My big girl

Aubrey Lane, you are now 3 years old. I am wiping away tears as I type this just thinking of how amazing you are and how much you mean to us.

Not a day goes by that I don't laugh at your wittiness, stand in awe at your intelligence, or smile at your are absolutely one in a million.

I don't know how I got so lucky to be your mommy...but I thank the good Lord every single day for giving you to us.

This past year has been one of tremendous growth for you. You have come so far in a year, it is absolutely amazing. You went from being a dependent little toddler to an independent, sassy little girl. The things you come up with and say make me laugh so hard...nothing gets past you anymore and I have to be really careful what I say or do, because you are sooo smart and intuitive.

The other day, we were at Chick A Lay (as you call it) and you were very hyper and wild. We were headed home to take naps, so I didn't want you to get your usual ice cream cone and become even more wound up. I cleverly told you that the ice cream machine was broken (trying to avoid a meltdown) and we wouldn't be able to get one. As we were loading up in the parking lot, out walks a lady with a large ice cream cone and of course she walks right in front of you. You loudly proclaim, "mommy...the ice cream machine is fixed and working!" I felt terrible for being caught in my mommy fib and right then and there I knew there was no more trying to pull a fast one on you!

You are doing great in school and slowly...very slowly starting to communicate with your teachers. I think you have said a total of two words all year, but you are smiling, waving and enjoying yourself, so that is all that matters.

You started dance this fall and absolutely LOVE it. You love the tutu, the leotard, the ballet shoes, the tap shoes...everything! You don't participate much in the class and you look absolutely fearful during class, but when you leave, you seriously talk about dance the entire week...begging to go back!

You are completely potty trained! PRAISE THE LORD! You occasionally will get distracted and have an accident but I'd say 99% of the time you do awesome. You crack me up because when you use the restroom, you always ask me to leave so you can have "your primacy!!"

You are a very picky eater (except for all things junk and candy). Some healthy things you love include hummus, bananas, yogurts, cucumbers and apples. You take FOREVER to eat dinner and a lot of nights it is a fight to get you to eat. We have adapted the "three bite" rule and require you to eat at least three bites of everything on your plate. We are not big on requiring you to eat everything, but you must at least try everything.

You love all things Frozen and are really into Tangled right now. You love the part where Flynn finds a wanted poster of himself and screams, "They can't get my nose right!" You think that is just the funniest thing ever! You are totally into this stage of repeating numerous lines from movies throughout the day and it cracks me up and how much you can remember.

Your little heart is getting so much softer and sweeter (for a while there I was a little worried, HAHA!) You are developing a real sweet spirit and learning to consider others in all you do. You are more sensitive and melt down with just a stern fussing, where as used to, we could wear you out and you really didn't care. I love that you are learning scripture and doing your best to hide God's word in your heart. You can recite quite a few verses and really love to tell bible stories back to us that you have learned.

Aubrey Lane, you have a real zest for life and are so full of energy and fun. Not a day goes by that you won't say, "that's amazing" or "I'm so excited". I love that you love life and find such joy in the little things. You appreciate the small things like a few jelly beans or popcorn and a movie. You love to snuggle and give hugs and kisses and are becoming so affectionate and loving to mommy and daddy. Weston...not so much. We are working daily on training you to be sweet and kind to brother as that is something you are struggling with!

You love and adore your family. You love your Meme, Papa D, Nana and Papa. You are so comfortable around them and love going to their houses. You ask for Nana and Meme regularly and they spoil you rotten. You also have your Papa D and Papa wrapped around your little fingers.  You adore your cousins and they are all your best friends. You love your Uncle D and will lavish hugs on him when we see him.

Aubrey Lane I could go on for hours about the crazy-fun things you do and say...I honestly think you are just the funniest little thing ever. You are so incredibly smart and I don't think I'm being partial just because you are mine!

But beyond your wit, beauty and intelligence, the thing that makes me the most proud is your precious, sweet spirit. I know without a doubt you are gonna do amazing things for God and grow to be a Godly young girl. You are going to soar to great heights because you have a tender heart and love hard. You have amazed me so much this year baby girl, and I am beyond proud of the little girl you are becoming. You keep shining bright in this world and continue to make your mark on this big world. Always know that mommy and daddy love you more than anything and think you are just the most incredible gift we have ever been given.

May this next year be full of more great changes and growth for you. May you continue to find your voice and gain confidence in all you do. I pray that your spirit will continue to be molded and may your heart keep beating strongly for the Lord.

I love you my sweet girl!

Happy birthday!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

9 months old

Weston Hayes Moots you are 9 months old! I cannot believe my baby is just three months away from being 1 year old! WHY?? Why does time have to go by so fast? I seriously wish I could pause this time and just have him be this tiny for at least another year. He is just so much fun and so full of sweetness.

My little man is now crawling at record breaking speeds and into EVERYTHING! He loves the fireplace rocks, Lexie's water bowl, and he has just recently found the toilet.

Weston Hayes is still NOT sleeping through the night. We are up together at least once or twice every night. I try my best to snuggle extra close at night and savor those quiet moments together.

Weston, you still nurse every three hours and eat one good solid food. You aren't really interested in real food, even though we have tried many new things. You like yogurt, sweet potatoes and of course puffs.

You wear a size 3 diaper and can wear clothing anywhere from a 6-12 month in size. You wear a size 2 shoe, even though most days we just go shoeless.

You are such an easy going baby. You will hang with me, no matter what, and just chill on that hip. You can miss naps or feedings and you will usually never cry. You just love to people watch and as long as I am holding are good to go! You are a great shopper and I just love all the people who stop to comment on how beautiful you are! We cannot go to Wal-Mart without at least 10 older women making a fit about you. I have even had these older ladies reach in the buggy and grab you to hold. are just that cute!

You are still getting beat up by your big sissy and she has not mastered the art of sharing (at all). You are starting to get frustrated with her and you recently have started to fuss back or grab things from her. She will not be able to walk all over you for much longer!

You are babbling like crazy and you love to say "dada, momma, and ta-ta". Ta Ta is what we say when we don't want you to touch something, so you hear that quite often!

We also cut your hair for the first time in Texas and you did a great job. You look so handsome!

We love you like crazy Weston Hayes! You make us our family so bright and add so much sunshine to our lives.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Paper Towel Paradise!

We loaded up and headed out for Orange Beach this past Labor Day weekend. We have been looking forward to this trip ever since we got back from our first trip in June. We are beach people.
Our beach trips with my family are always so relaxing and full of nothing but gourmet food! I always gain a good 5 pounds on this trip because all my family wants to do is lounge by the pool and eat fancy foods!  But trust me...I am not complaining!
We had to make a few extra stops along the way for Mr. Weston Hayes. He still is not a fan of traveling and he lets us know it by screaming the entire trip.
Once we arrived though, he was all smiles! Weston was cutting two teeth and wasn't really feeling well so I would say he had the least fun. Being hot, sandy and sleeping in a pack and play is not his idea of a great time.
My brother and sis, along with their three girls joined us for the trip and let me tell you...those girls were SOOO excited to see each other. The moment the elevator doors opened it was deafening. They screamed and hollered and jumped up and was priceless.
We settled in for a fantastic five days doing nothing but going back and forth from the pool, to the lazy river, to the beach and then to the table for food!
We always stay at Turquoise Place and it is just gorgeous. This year we had a room in the first tower by the lazy river and it worked out perfectly.
The kiddos loved the balcony although it quickly became apparent that Aubrey is not to be trusted 8 stories up. The girl thought it was loads of fun to throw everything off the balcony! I can't count how many times we spanked her, but she just kept throwing things off!  Toys, food, name it and it went over! She's lucky I didn't toss her butt over...just kidding!!!
I decided to bake my special strawberry shortcake cake one night and I went on and on about how it is my specialty and how everyone loves my cake. Well, my sis was helping me get it together and she put paper towels down lining the cake pans instead of using Pam. Totally fine. I baked the cakes, and went to frost them. I took the paper towels off the cake and went ahead with my icing. That evening I presented everyone with huge slices of my delicious, fresh strawberry cake. My daddy devoured his and boasted how yummy it was. (He is always one to compliment his baby girl) My hubby started to eat his and very loudly proclaimed, "babe...there is paper in my cake!" He went on to pull out a huge wad of paper towels from his cake! Now that I think about it, I think he could have been a little less loud and dramatic about calling me out on this. LOL. Anyway, everyone else began to inspect their cake and much to my horror...each pulled out a paper towel! I was horrified. I thought I had removed every bit of paper but I didn't realize it was two-layers thick! I only removed the first layer of paper towel! OOPS!
We died laughing because A.) I had made such a big deal about how wonderful of a baker I was and I messed up royally and B.) my dad devoured the whole cake...paper towel and all!!!! It is the true love of a father to eat his baby girl's cake, paper towel included, and still proclaim how amazing it was!
Our first year with 5 grandbabies! My oh my how precious are these kiddos!
It was an awesome of our best! Full of tons and tons of laughter and many special memories. Each trip we take, I am always a little sad at the end because I hate to see it come to a close. I have to remind myself that these memories are something that will forever be with us. These special times spent with family are so priceless to me and I want to keep these memories in my heart forever!
Moments and memories with family are what I live for. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family to spend my days with...there is no one else we would rather be with!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dancing in Freedom

I've shared on my blog in the past about my struggle with my eating. By the grace of God, I have come out from the trenches of dealing with anorexia. I am by no means healed completely, and I struggle with bad habits on a daily basis...but overall I would say my progress has been nothing short of a miracle.

I have struggled lately with realizing that even though I may not restrict my intake in huge ways, my small behaviors are still affecting Aubrey. She is beginning to be extremely aware of what I do and don't do, and she is seeing that sometimes I do things differently than her. That was exactly what I have feared for the last 3 years. I never want my struggle to be passed down to her. I want nothing more than for her to have a healthy and strong view of her body, and her relationship with food to be only positive.

Christian and I recently went and visited with a Christian counselor to discuss some ways to move more towards complete freedom. My eating and body obsession affects my whole family and sometimes it is difficult for Christian to know how to handle things. Our session went very well and we both walked away with useful tools for promoting healthy habits in our family.

One thing I knew I needed to tackle was the scale. I had gotten into the habit of weighing myself every single morning and that is NOT something I wanted Aubrey to see. I would try and do it when she wasn't around, but it never failed that she would walk in and see me. It may not seem like a big deal to her now, but she will remember what I do and I don't want her to think that a number is what makes it a good or bad day.

So Christian and I talked and we decided it was time to get rid of our scale. This was huge for me. The scale is like a lifeline for me and it has been offering me a false sense of security for as long as I can remember. We thought about just throwing it away, but we wanted to do something a little more symbolic of our strides towards freedom. 

So we decided to smash our scale...and let Bre have a front row seat. I tried to explain to her that scales aren't important, but what is important is to love ourselves no matter what. To know we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the Universe...and He doesn't make mistakes.

I can honestly say I felt a physical release when I brought that hammer down onto the scale. Almost like chains and bondage were being flung off my body. It was so liberating and freeing for me to make a real, tangible step towards healthiness.

I think with any bondage or stronghold, when we make one small step towards freedom, God meets us and carries us another ten steps. I think when we make little attempts to let go of satan's grip...God steps in and takes huge strides on our behalf.  I never thought I would begin to find peace without knowing exactly how much the scale says, but I honestly am finding a sense of calmness and joy in not having to be a certain number. There is such entrapment in satan's lies, and it takes walking out into the light to see just how far in the dark we had really been.

Again, it goes back to the truth that when we move a allows God to move in monumental ways. He sees our willingness and wants to prove Himself faithful. I believe my chains will continue to fall off the more small, uncomfortable steps I take towards Him. I honestly don't think complete freedom will come easy or quickly but with each step, I find joy and satisfaction. I know that only comes from moving away from the lies and garbage of the devil...and more towards a Holy God.

So on behalf of my sweet girl, I will continue to make strides in the direction of freedom. Not on my own, but with God carrying me through and my family cheering me from behind.

And speaking of new beginnings, my sweet girl started dance class last week and is loving it! She is still very shy and timid, but I know she loves it because she continues to ask to go back! If nothing else, she sure is cute in her outfit...and they get a sucker at the end of class so that is nothing short of the best thing in the world to her!

SO here is a shout out to my sweet girl...let us both continue to dance freely...without cares or concerns and remember that with each step we make...we are dancing towards joy and freedom.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Things I didn't know...5 years ago

5 years ago I was just a 24 year old naive girl...following her heart. I didn't really understand the hugeness of my commitment. I really only knew one thing that day...I knew I loved that boy. There were so many other things I didn't know at that point. So many things I wouldn't find out til later on this journey we would walk together.

I had no idea he would eat so much or have such expensive taste.

I had no idea he would use so much toilet paper or spend so much time in the restroom.

I had no idea he would be glued to the TV every Saturday night in the fall and be oblivious to even a house fire if the Tigers were playing.

I had no idea golfing, play station, or tools cost so much money.

I had no idea how hard it would be to drive somewhere in the passenger seat with that boy. I had no idea keeping my "driving advice" to a minimum would take an act of congress.

I had no idea my dirty dishes, laundry and toilet cleanings would triple in quantity.

I had no idea that I would have to re-adjust my seat/mirror everytime I got in my car.

I had no idea buffalo wings were priceless and able to smooth over any misdoings.

I had no idea bodily functions were so hilarious for men to talk about.

I had no idea I'd never get my side of the bed to myself again, let alone a decent amount of the covers.

I had no idea men only required 5 minutes to get ready compared to my hour and a half.

5 years ago I was so clueless as to what I was walking into...

I also had no idea I'd have a built in carpenter, plumber, electrician and overall handman at my fingertips.

I had no idea I'd never go to bed scared after reading a suspenseful hero was right next to me.

I had no idea I'd have a best friend willing to go to 5 different stores to get me the perfect Diet Coke in a styrofoam cup. Or search all of Baton Rouge for a place that sells Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

I had no idea we would walk through a terrible misscarriage and come out stronger on the other side of the darkness and pain.

I had no idea that the young boy at the alter would cradle and kiss our newborn babies in his arms and love them so passionately from the first day they entered our lives.

I had no idea how awesome of a diaper changer, bath giver, baby wrangler he would be.

I had no idea how patient and understanding he would be when I give him a hard time for no reason or get emotional over silly things.

I had no idea how quickly he would apologize or how easy he would forgive me when I mess up.

I had no idea I would melt everytime he smiled or how much his laugh would bring me joy!

I had no idea how often we would laugh uncontrollably or giggle at our inside jokes.

I had no idea how many mornings he would get up with the kids and let me sleep matter how late he worked the day before.

I had no idea he would tell me I'm beautiful even in sweat pants and a tshirt.

I had no idea he would be the best father in the world to my children. I had no idea how great of a disciplinarian, leader and teacher he would be to our little ones.

I had no idea he would love me so unconditionally and with a Christ like love...year after year.

I had no idea our love would change, grow and mature over the wine getting better with time.

There were so many things I didn't know that day five years ago. I was so naive, so unaware, so clueless as to what I was walking into...

But here is one thing I know today...5 years later...

I love that man more today than ever before. I know now just how perfect he is for me and how much I cherish the fact that we know, without a doubt, we are soul mates and best friends.

I may not have known much that day...but
 sure do know a lot more today...and I know I am one blessed chick to have my man by my side.

Happy 5 years babe!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cute but Mute

My sweet girl started back to school last week and I have been an emotional wreck. I'm sure that is very normal for mamas...but it is just so hard watching my baby grow up!
Aubrey is going to school two days a week from 9-2. She is in what they call Toddler III. She is still two, but will be three in October so she missed the cutoff for Pre-K3. Since her birthday is later, she will have to do Pre-K4 for two years. They have a "young 4's" and an "older 4's" so it won't be the same class.
Aubrey is such a stinker when it comes to school. My girl is a chatterbox and doesn't usually meet a stranger; however, when it comes to school...she will not say a WORD. She is mute. She went the entire year last year without speaking to her teachers. I just don't understand it. She will talk to strangers, family, friends...anyone, but when she enters is zip zip for her. We have tried everything from bribery to punishment. Nothing works. We have also had some potty training issues at school because she won't tell her teachers when she needs to use the restroom!  Any of my teacher/mommy friends have any suggestions of what I can do to encourage her to speak...please let me know!
Her teachers are wonderful and her class is mostly made up of girls. I think it is like 12 girls and 2 boys. She loves that she gets to go on the big playground this year and she also loves center time!
Another struggle is she doesn't nap at school...she basically just looks around the entire time, so when I get her at 2:00, she is exhausted and extremely grumpy. She is not exactly "little miss sunshine" when I pick her up. I'm hoping and praying all these kinks get figured out and the year starts getting a little smoother.
She sure is cute...mute...but cute. LOL!
I love this little girl even if she is a handful!  Here's to a great school year.  Come on baby girl...get to talking!
And of course...this little cutie just loves having some one on one time with mommy. Waiting for sis in the carpool line is always a blast. (and no...Weston was not eating Doritoes!)

I'm proclaiming this verse over Aubrey Lane for the school year...
"For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7