Friday, July 9, 2021

Landry James---One month old

I never thought my first post back in almost a year would be about the new addition to our family!  If you had told me a year ago, we were gonna have another baby, I would have said you were crazy!!  But here we are and we have a newborn baby boy!  

Our precious Landry James was born on June 7 at 5:25 AM weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces! I went further in pregnancy with him than with any of my others.  I had him at 37 weeks, 4 days which is a record for me! I was able to have a Vbac and it was a super easy recovery.  I'm so thankful there were no complications at birth and he was strong and healthy.  He had a head full of dark hair and looks nothing like our other children.  He's chunky and has the most beautiful olive skin...again nothing like my skinny, bald, pale other babies! 

He is the most beautiful baby I've laid eyes on and we are all so smitten with him...especially Aubrey Lane.  She is obsessed with her brother and her love and attention has not waivered one bit even a month later.  I have to fight her to let me hold my son!  I will say, however, she is a natural and a lifesaver...I could not make it without her help.  She is amazing with Landry and never seems to get flustered or tired of caring for him.  

The boys are very sweet with him, they just don't seem to want to hold or care for him 24/7 like their sister.  Baylor has had the hardest time adjusting and he still could really take or leave him.  HAHA!  Baylor has been the baby for the last 5 years and he is not used to having to share the spotlight.  Overall though I will say everyone has done great adjusting.  The kids just accept and love him as if he has been here forever.  I just can't wait to see all of their relationships grow and flourish.  I have no doubt Landry will fit right in with all his siblings.  

Landry is a fantastic nurser and would nurse all day long if I would let him.  He is adjusting to day/night time and doing so much better with going longer stretches at night.  He just started going a 5 hour stretch at night and let me tell you, it is life changing for me!  He is pretty consistent with his nightly schedule of going to sleep around 9, waking around 1:00 and then again at 4 or 5. His grunting all night long is getting better and I can finally see the sleep deprivation easing up a little.  He hates having a dirty diaper, being wet and bath time.  He loves his elephant bouncy, his sister, his noonie...and of course eating. 

We are so thankful for our little caboose and we are savoring every single sweet newborn is so fleeting and I want to cherish each minute with him.  

Landry is the perfect addition to our family...he's the ending we didn't even know we needed.  Happy One Month Old sweet boy!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Living that quarantine life...

Well, I can honestly say I did not think my next post would have anything to do with a global pandemic.  That just wasn't anywhere on my radar...but here we are and we are making the most of our time home together.  Things aren't what we imagined for March and April, but we are really finding hidden treasures along the way in this crisis.  I don't think we have taken more walks, runs and bike rides ever in our lives than this past month.  We've done outside activities like chalk, hide and go seek, slip and slides, swing time, basketball, bad mitten, and obstacle courses more in the last few weeks than in my kids entire lives combined. We've had picnics, gone fishing, ridden the golf cart, swam, climbed in trees, and so much more.  It truly will be a season that I remember and cherish for my entire life...not because it was easy, but because it was refreshing. We've been required to hit pause on EVERYTHING but EACH OTHER.

We are now homeschooling, something I always wanted to try but never thought would work for our family.  I still don't believe it is best for my kiddos long term, but they have done amazingly well and seem very content to do school at home for a little while.  I've loved getting to see their personalities and work styles come to life while doing school work...something I've never really gotten to see and it is again something I'll cherish forever.  We have done our best to stick to a schedule and it is the saving grace to our days.  I find that when we deviate from the schedule, everyone, including myself seem to melt down.  We do breakfast, PE and schooling in the morning and then lunch, quiet time and technology time in the afternoon.  Late evenings we take walks and play outside, then start dinner and baths before finishing off with a movie.

I remember the day schools said they were closing, sitting on my bed talking to my mom and feeling complete panic and stress.  How on earth was I going to handle homeschooling, working almost full time, and Baylor's therapy? I just knew it wasn't gonna work. we are a month out and it has been remarkably do-able.  Now don't get me wrong....we have daily melt downs, crying sessions and emotional fits, but we always find a way to keep moving forward.  My kids are actually doing better than I ever expected...they snuggle more, are kinder to each other and find ways to use their imagination like never before.  I'm just amazed at the peace that is in our home when we have nothing more to do than focus on loving and spending time with each other.

Used to, I would lay in bed at night and plead with the Lord to let time slow down, let my babies be little for longer and let me not miss a moment of their childhood.  I apologize for those prayers, because I believe God answered me in a big way!  HAHA.  I don't ever wish for chaos and confusion in our world, but I am thankful for the safe haven that I have in my home with my precious family.  While we desperately miss our friends and extended family, we are so hopeful that we will meet up very soon and that gives us great joy and anticipation.

My hubby is working on the front lines of this pandemic and he is a true hero and rock-star.  He never complains and constantly checks on us to make sure we are doing well here at home.  He's become even more amazing in my eyes through this crisis.  He's our rock and we are forever thankful he's ours.

Another saving grace through all this is our neighborhood!  What a blessing to see smiling faces out and about.  Not to mention having my parents just a street over has saved our sanity!  Meme has come and read books a safe 10 ft away, Papa D has worked hard on our deck and chatting through the windows has been a favorite past time of mine.  Living that simple life is really not bad at all!

I really am thankful for the time we have had together and I've learned that things that seem daunting and impossible, can actually be a blessing when we learn to let go and adapt.  I'm so thankful the Lord has sustained us each day and His mercies are really what we are clinging to during these unknown times. Letting go of the normal hustle and bustle of life has taught us so many things...and I have no doubt that some of the things we have let go of...we won't pick back up.  This season has taught us that all the extras in life are fun, but not necessarily a must to survive.  While we will pick back up with sports, hobbies and parties...we will also re-examine what is absolutely necessary in our lives.  This slow pace is worth keeping around and this season will be one that we remember as a turning point in how we function as a family.  When all is stripped away...the only things that matter are our faith and our family.  SO thankful for this time to remember and return to the important things in life.

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Happy, Happy Quarantine!